Top 3 Best Camera Stores in Calgary

Saneal Cameras

Saneal Cameras Calgary

Saneal Cameras will always be special to me. Way back when I was in University and took black and white photography as an option, I frequented the 9th Avenue and 1st Street SW location for film, paper, developer, etc. These days, I find the Saneal Cameras location in the malls for things that I want in stock like Canon camera batteries or IR remote triggers.

The Camera Store

The Camera Store Calgary

I think most of the wife’s local Canon camera purchases were from The Camera Store starting with her Canon EOS M and then the Canon EOS M100. Pricing is competitive, but it can be a hard store to get to for us since they close on Sundays. Then again, Vistek isn’t open on Sundays either. The Camera Store does offer rentals if you want to try before you buy or just need something for a little while.


Vistek Photography Store Calgary

Vistek probably has the best online camera store of the bunch in Calgary. My Tenba bag and Honl flash modifiers were from Vistek. They have a good sized rental fleet and a pretty nice retail store. I would go to Vistek for my film or print needs locally.