Top 3 Places to Buy Golf Wear in Calgary


Golf Town Calgary Alberta

Golftown is a great place to find golf wear with locations in the North and the South. There are often sales and clearance going on and also has everything golf related that you can imagine. This is the only place I can think of aside from golf pro shops where you can find golf shoes. I really like that they carry Wilson Staff equipment although I’ve only been able to find the odd Wilson Staff hat on occassion and haven’t seen a shirt from them there.

Buy golf wear at Golftown

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Top 3 Places to Buy a TV in Calgary

Best Buy

Best Buy - Calgary Alberta

When I think about home electronics these days in Calgary, the first thing that pops to mind is Best Buy. They’re easily accessible and all throughout Calgary. Best Buy usually has some good sales on especially for special events like Black Friday and Boxing Day. My current two Samsung LCD TVs in the house were both purchased at Best Buy when some awesome deal was going on. I even got my Bluetooth soundbar from Best Buy as well.

Buy TV at Best Buy

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Top 3 Local Restaurants in Calgary

Chicken on the Way

On the corner of 14th Street NW and Kensington Road since 1965, Chicken on the Way is known for the large rooster outside and excellent big juicy pieces of fried chicken. The corn fritters are another favourite for those who love Chicken on the Way. There’s just something very different compared to KFC, it’s noticeably bigger, crispier and juicier.

What we ate at Chicken on the Way

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