Top 3 Best Places to Buy Fishing Gear in Calgary

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Calgary Alberta

Bass Pro Shops out in Cross Iron Mills by far has the largest selection of fishing lures, rods, reels, basically anything fishing related in the Calgary area. If I can’t find something at other tackle shops, Bass Pro Shops is where I’d turn and make a day out of heading up North.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Calgary Alberta

For a nearby shop with a decent fishing gear selection, the various Canadian Tire locations are a good bet. If I’m wanting the run of the mill spinner, spoon, jig or Rapala, I’ll first check Canadian Tire. They usually have a good enough selection of Panther Martins and Len Thompsons. Since I only do spin fishing from the shore, Canadian Tire will do.

The Fishin Hole

The Fishin Hole Calgary Alberta

The Fishin Hole is my favorite store dedicated to sport angling. When I heard about such a store having their famous annual sale, I took the lunch hour to head up North to check it out. I see ads all over the place in Alberta Fishing magazines and websites. The Fishin Hole has a decent selection of fishing books and apparel. I picked up a copy of the My Bow River fishing book by Barry White (local fishing guide) from here. Very knowledgeable staff, highly recommended.