Top 3 Best Internet Service Providers in Calgary


Bell High Speed Home Internet Service Provider

Bell offers Fixed Wireless Internet for those within Bell Mobility coverage area. You get a LTE wireless router and use that instead of a wired one like you would with Shaw or Telus. This could be an interesting option if I was interested in moving a mobile box around to bring Internet with me wherever I go.


Shaw High Speed Home Internet Service Provider

I personally have been using Shaw broadband cable Internet for over 20 years. For the places I go, I especially enjoy the Shaw Go WiFi feature where my devices can be connected to Shaw’s WiFi service without using my cell phone data plan. Sometimes I’m REALLY surprised to see full bars of Shaw Go WiFi in Medicine Hat AB or Prince Albert SK. This is VERY handy when I have my laptop or tablet with me that don’t have a mobile data plan.


Telus - Calgary Internet Service Provider

Telus would be my second choice if Shaw wasn’t available. They’re the other large ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Calgary. When I go to Edmonton, I often see Telus WiFi options instead of Shaw. Overall though, I think I see Shaw far more than I see Telus in places I go. I’m not currently seeing fiber to the home FTTH with either Telus nor Shaw out in the suburbs. So, for now I see no reason to switch. Calgary high speed home Internet service is basically Telus or Shaw. Either one will be fine.