Top 3 Best Local Restaurants in Calgary

Chicken on the Way

On the corner of 14th Street NW and Kensington Road since 1965, Chicken on the Way is known for the large rooster outside and excellent big juicy pieces of fried chicken. The corn fritters are another favourite for those who love Chicken on the Way. There’s just something very different compared to KFC, it’s noticeably bigger, crispier and juicier.

What we ate at Chicken on the Way

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Top 3 Best Patisseries in Calgary

Manuel Latruwe

Manuel Latruwe Patisserie Calgary

I’ve really liked croissants ever since I was little. I like the general shape of them and especially enjoy eating the tips first. Is croissant a bread or a pastry? I think of them more as a pastry than a bread. Manuel Latruwe is located in Victoria Park right by Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and has excellent croissants amongst other pastries. This place is often busy and is a great spot for a light lunch on the weekend.

What we ate at Manuel Latruwe

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Top 3 Best Coffee Shops in Calgary

Analog Coffee

Analog Coffee Calgary

Analog Coffee on 17th Avenue SW looks awesome on the outside and has great coffee on the inside. Thanks to its location on the nicer part of 17th Avenue, it is often busy and a great place to sit down with a laptop if you can find a table. I don’t often visit Downtown Calgary, but 17th Avenue SW is a good reason to. This is one of the few coffee shops that open late in Calgary.

What we ordered at Analog Coffee
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