Frequently Asked Questions

What time is it in Calgary?

Current time in Calgary is 12:47PM - June 18th, 2024

Calgary Alberta time zone is Mountain Time and Daylight Savings Time is observed. Offset is UTC -7:00 / -6:00

What is the temperature in Calgary?

In the Summer months, Calgary reaches high 20°C with a few days of 30°C+ weather. In the Winter months, Calgary can reach low -20°C with a few days of -30°C. Calgary is quite Sunny in general with most rain coming in June/July and most snow around March/April. Summer showers tend to be short lived and thunderstorms occur on hot days in the afternoon (3~4PM is the hottest time of day). Winter cold snaps are broken up by the warm Chinook winds sometimes bringing the temperature to 10°C+ in the middle of Winter.

Where is Calgary?

Calgary is a city in Canada within the province of Alberta. Calgary is located 100km East of Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains.

Where to go in Calgary?

Try Calgary tourist attractions or well known Calgary landmarks. If you’re looking to grab a bite and people watch, try these Calgary neighbourhoods.

Where to stay in Calgary?

If you have unlimited money, try these upscale hotels in Calgary. If you want good clean bed at an affordable price try these reasonable hotels in Calgary.