Top 3 Sports Events in Calgary

CFL Stampeders Game

The Calgary Stampeders are a professional football team in the CFL Canadian Football League. Their home stadium is the McMahon Stadium by the University of Calgary. The CFL season runs from June to November. Their outdoor games are always a good time and a true Canadian experience especially in the snow in -20°C weather. During the Summer, tail gate parties start at around Noon on game day. Parking can be tricky in the area, might be best to park further and walk or take Calgary Transit either bus or C-Train. The official colours are red and white, so wear some red to the game and cheer for the Stamps. Interesting tidbit: Dwayne Johnson as in The Rock briefly played for the Calgary Stampeders.

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NHL Flames Game

Calgary Flames hockey games are probably the hottest ticket in town whenever they’re playing. Just look at the TV broadcasts and see the C of Red every home game. You can usually tell when there’s a game downtown. There will be tons of traffic and people walking around everywhere. Regular NHL season runs from early October to April with playoffs lasting until June.

This photo was taken way back in 2004 after the Flames’ Stanley Cup playoff run. I remember it very well, it was my last year at the University of Calgary and the whole city was just buzzing with excitement. Look on the right, #23 himself Martin Gelinas who should’ve won it for us in Game 6 against Tampa.

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PGA Tour Champions Shaw Charity Classic Golf Tournament

The Shaw Charity Classic is a golf tournament in Calgary held since 2013 played at the Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club around late August / early September. It is a regular event on the PGA Tour Champions formerly known as the Champions Tour and Senior PGA Tour. It is a charity event for several non-profit organizations mainly relating to children and cancer. Go and see what this level of professional golfers can do.

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Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Calgary

Calgary Stampede

You can’t talk about Calgary tourism without mentioning those 10 days in July kicking off with the parade on the first Friday of the month. The Calgary Stampede is a celebration of Western Canadian culture featuring cowgirls, cowboys, rodeo, chuck wagons, pancakes and more. It’s like a citywide 10 day party with fireworks every night. The stampede grounds is the epicentre of the fun and excitement, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing going on in town. Split up the afternoon rodeo and evening chuck wagon races if you plan to see both. We made the mistake of seeing both in one day once and it was just too much.

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Calgary Zoo

For the rest of the year, the Calgary Zoo is a nice place to visit and take a walk. I especially like the Canadian Wilds exhibit, because it offers some of the animals that one might reasonably expect to find out in Banff National Park just an hour drive away in the Rocky Mountains. Including bears, big horn sheep, bison, cougars, snowy owls, wolves, etc. If you weren’t lucky enough to see them in the wild out in Banff, the Calgary Zoo is a good second. The more exotic animals like tigers, penguins and pandas are a welcomed treat as well, but my personal draw to this year-after-year is probably the local animals. Somewhat like a mini-hike. Calgary Zoo is the second largest zoo in Canada and Calgarians love it enough to host private functions and weddings here. My first date with the missus was to the Calgary Zoo and I knew two co-workers who had their wedding reception there.

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Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a historical village that preserves the look and feel of Western Canada of several eras. From the Wild West of the late 1800’s to the dawn of the automobile of the early 1900’s. There are several buildings from nearby Alberta towns preserved here and restored to working condition. The replica SS Moyie is a half-sized version of the real thing now found in Kaslo British Columbia. You can still find streets that look like Heritage Park in some small towns in Alberta today. So, I’d say it’s a good representation of Alberta heritage.

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Top 3 Places to Buy Electronic Components in Calgary

Active Tech Electronics

I’ve been going to Active Tech way back since Grade 10 when they were still at the 32nd Avenue NE location. I was going to Lester B. Pearson High School and for the Innovative Tech class, I was making a “robot”. It turned out to be a 2 motor thing with 2 wheels housed in a playing card box tethered to a case with two DPDT switches. It did work and I got full marks for it! I still have and use the wire strippers and needle nose pliers that my dad got me from here. Active Tech is where I would go to buy small electronic components and sensors such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi stuff. They stock a good selection of electronic breakout boards from Adafruit and Seeed.


I would go to BE-Electronics more for electrical things as opposed to electronic components. So they’re good for things like power supplies, audio jacks, barrel plugs, Amphenol connectors, heat shrink, wire, banana plugs, etc. There is a small selection of Arduino sensors from Seeed if you need. If you have the part number you’re looking for, you can ask the sales desk for electronic components like capacitors, transistors, resistors, etc. I was a little shocked they stocked LM386 for my experiments with audio amplifiers. BE-Electronics has a good stock of MG chemicals like contact cleaner.

Princess Auto

Doing what I do, I do have a Fluke 87V multimeter, but more often than not I’m probably using PowerFist test equipment from Princess Auto. They’re cheap and does the job. My favourite ratchet in my ammo/tool box is the 3-in-1 that accepts 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sockets. You can get a good selection of organizers, hand tools and cables from Princess Auto. The surplus section often has small speakers and motors for cheap.