Top 3 Festivals in Calgary


Globalfest Fireworks Festival Calgary

Globalfest is a festival of fireworks usually held a few weeks after the Calgary Stampede at Elliston Park. There are other performances and good food celebrating cultural diversity, but we all know what the main draw is: the fireworks! Go early, bring bug spray, lawn chair and enjoy the show with some amazing food. Parking can be quite a challenge and the roads around Elliston Park are shutdown. Consider parking many blocks away or take public transit.
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Top 3 Camera Stores in Calgary

Saneal Cameras

Saneal Cameras Calgary

Saneal Cameras will always be special to me. Way back when I was in University and took black and white photography as an option, I frequented the 9th Avenue and 1st Street SW location for film, paper, developer, etc. These days, I find the Saneal Cameras location in the malls for things that I want in stock like Canon camera batteries or IR remote triggers.

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