Top 3 Best Places to Buy Power Tools in Calgary

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Calgary

Mastercraft Maximum power tools in general are decent enough for home users and they often go on sale at Canadian Tire. Warranty is pretty good and Canadian Tires are pretty easy to find in Calgary. If I’m looking for Dremel accessories or miscellaneous drill bits, I’d go to Canadian Tire. Mastercraft actually makes a 15/32 drill bit which is perfect for Pomona banana inputs.

Buy tools at Canadian Tire

Home Depot

Home Depot Calgary

Home Depot is where I would go to buy Milwaukee power tools locally in Calgary. I really like the Milwaukee M12 series for the small size. For my random small projects, the regular M12 batteries works just fine. Stock selection at Home Depot is usually really good and there are multiple Home Depots all overall Calgary.

Buy tools at Home Depot

KMS Tools

KMS Tools Calgary

KMS Tools is another great place to buy power tools including Milwaukee. Business hours for KMS Tools is more like banker hours, so just plan accordingly. Being a member does offer great discounts. Located next to the peelers almost under a bridge, it’s a bit out of the way for most I would think.

Buy tools at KMS Tools