Top 3 Best Local Restaurants in Calgary

Chicken on the Way

On the corner of 14th Street NW and Kensington Road since 1965, Chicken on the Way is known for the large rooster outside and excellent big juicy pieces of fried chicken. The corn fritters are another favourite for those who love Chicken on the Way. There’s just something very different compared to KFC, it’s noticeably bigger, crispier and juicier.

What we ate at Chicken on the Way

Peters’ Drive-In

Started in 1964, Gus Pieters opened Peters’ Drive-In on 16th Avenue NE aka TransCanada Highway (Highway 1), serving classic North American drive-in food staples such as burgers, fries, hot dogs, milk shakes and sundaes. It is probably the most well known local restaurant amongst Calgary folks. Classic stop for a sunny Summer day.

Tom’s House of Pizza

Tom’s House of Pizza opened in 1963 and specializes in thin crust pizza. The original location is on Macleod Trail in South Calgary and has a great old school pizzeria atmosphere. The ingredients used are always excellent with generous coverage. Just look at the exterior, how many pizza joints look like this still?

What we ate at Tom’s House of Pizza