Top 3 Best Steak Houses in Calgary

Caesar’s Steak House

Caesar's Steak House Calgary Alberta

Caesar’s Steak House was the first fancy steak house that I remember going to with my wife. It was everything that I imagined a classic steakhouse to be like, just like the ones in the movies. They’ll even do a table-side steak diane (the one with the flames), at least the last time I was there.

What we ate at Caesar’s Steak House

Cattle Baron

Cattle Baron Steak House Calgary

The Cattle Baron steak house is the image of Alberta steakhouse if there ever was one. This is a more casual steak house, but that doesn’t mean the steaks aren’t every bit as good as the fancy ones. I probably prefer the Cattle Baron actually. According to their menu, they only serve AAA ALBERTA BEEF! This is where I’d take visitors if they’re asking for Alberta beef.

What we ate at The Cattle Baron Steak House

Hy’s Steakhouse

Hy's Steakhouse Calgary Alberta

Hy’s Steak House is an upscale modern take on the steak house. The steaks are excellent and the decor and environment are much more contemporary. Located at The Core downtown, parking isn’t too much of a problem, but you’ll probably have to pay. Hy’s also has table-side steak diane and they even have beef wellington for the Hell’s Kitchen fans.

What we ate at Hy’s Steak House