Top 3 Camera Stores in Calgary

Saneal Cameras

Saneal Cameras Calgary

Saneal Cameras will always be special to me. Way back when I was in University and took black and white photography as an option, I frequented the 9th Avenue and 1st Street SW location for film, paper, developer, etc. These days, I find the Saneal Cameras location in the malls for things that I want in stock like Canon camera batteries or IR remote triggers.

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Top 3 Coffee Shops in Calgary

Analog Coffee

Analog Coffee Calgary

Analog Coffee on 17th Avenue SW looks awesome on the outside and has great coffee on the inside. Thanks to its location on the nicer part of 17th Avenue, it is often busy and a great place to sit down with a laptop if you can find a table. I don’t often visit Downtown Calgary, but 17th Avenue SW is a good reason to. This is one of the few coffee shops that open late in Calgary.

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Top 3 Locations for Wedding Photos in Calgary

The Bay Downtown Arches

Calgary Bay Downtown Arches

The Calgary Downtown location of The Bay (Hudson’s Bay Company) was completed in 1913, the first of the “Original Six” flag ship stores in Canada. The beautiful colonnade with polished granite was opened in 1930. It has been a favourite location of newly wed couples to shoot wedding photos for decades.

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