Top 3 Patisseries in Calgary

Manuel Latruwe

Manuel Latruwe Patisserie Calgary

I’ve really liked croissants ever since I was little. I like the general shape of them and especially enjoy eating the tips first. Is croissant a bread or a pastry? I think of them more as a pastry than a bread. Manuel Latruwe is located in Victoria Park right by Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and has excellent croissants amongst other pastries. This place is often busy and is a great spot for a light lunch on the weekend.

Patisserie du Soleil

Patisserie du Soleil Calgary

Located oddly in the suburbs in the SW neighbourhood of Woodbine, Patisserie du Soleil offers a great selection of freshly made French pastries. I really like their Napoleon and cream horn. They also offer a hot food menu featuring items like omelettes and sandwiches. A great find in the suburbs of Calgary.


Sucre Patisserie Cafe Calgary

Sucre is another great place for a buttery flaky croissant. Not far from MEC and Bumpy’s Cafe on 8th Street SW, Sucre has a wide variety of delicious pastries. I think Sucre is a relative new comer to the Calgary food scene, but with pastries like that I’m sure they’ll be around for years to come.